Keep track of your Clients' Staff Expenses on your Client Management Portal

In this article we will explain how you can track your Clients' Staff Expenses

1. Monitor the status of 'Staff Expenses' submitted, authorised and paid

Head over to 'Entities" and then click on the "Expenses" button shown below

Expenses 1

2. You can also filter the below attributes to see through the related staff expenses:

  • Contact Name
  • Invoice No.
  • Total Invoiced Amount
  • Status (Submitted, Authorised, and Paid)
  • Updated Date (This relate to the date when the Client Management Portal is updated)

3. You can view the copy of receipts that have been submitted, directly from your Client Management Portal, without needing to log in to Xero.

Staff Exp 2


4. If you want to see the transaction details in Xero, you can do this by clicking 'View' as indicated below, which will redirect you to the related transaction on Xero.


Staff Exp 1


5. Save time, have all the data you need at your fingertips, give yourself a pat on the back!