Inviting your clients to use Zave

Once you have created an entity for a client, you can send them an email invitation to use the platform and access their own portal

Navigate to the "entities" section and click the desired entity

Navigate to "Client Users"

Click "Add Client User" 


Here, you can add the details of the user you would like to invite:

Enter Email

Enter First Name

Enter Last Name

Send User Invitation

Keep ticked.

Select User Type

  • Admin: View document timeline and all tasks.
  • User: Can only see and respond to the tasks that they are assigned to.
  • Compliance: View all tasks and timeline, cannot create or respond to tasks.

Success! Your client will have received an invitation to the indicated email

Their Invite Status will change to "Active" when they have accepted the email invitation.

If you need to resend the invitation, you can do so by selecting them and using "Click to resend the invitation"