Create and manage Director details on behalf of your Clients

We all know how important it is for Company Directors' details to be up-to-date. We have good news for you! Manage and store everything in one place.


1. To create a Director for the chosen entity, head over to the 'Entity' panel, Select "Directors" and then click 'Create Director'.


This section will allow you to populate key information to ensure that all necessary details are captured at source for all current and future company secretarial activities that require these particulars.


2. To complete the Director(s)' details, please click the 'Create' button at the end of the page.



3. To update the Director(s)' details, simply click the 'Update' button and make the relevant changes there.



4. Once the details of the Director have been reviewed, you can move on to verify the identification for the Director by sending a 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) request.

This will trigger an email being sent to the Director, requesting them to respond to the request.




5. The Director's identification can also be updated via the KYC Link directly.


It will redirect you to a new page to submit and update the details and IDs accordingly.


6. You can also request the Director to submit the information via the KYC link by sharing the website link.


7. From here you can view, edit, update for any changes that arise later on.