Create and manage Shareholder details on behalf of your Clients

We all know how important it is for Company Shareholders' details to be up-to-date. We have good news for you! You don't need to log in to another system or database to maintain the details of your Clients' Shareholders.

To add a Shareholder simply go to the Shareholders tab within the relevant entity by clicking the 'Create Shareholder' button:

2. Populate the required input fields and documents required as prompted. Once the details are completed, please click the 'Create' button to create the shareholder.

3. To update the Shareholder(s)' details, you can access the details of the Shareholder by clicking the 'Update' button and make the relevant changes there:

4. Once the details of the Shareholder have been reviewed, you can move on to verify the identification for the Shareholder by sending a 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) request or updating the identification details.

5. You can request further documentation to verify the identity of Shareholders by sending by clicking the 'Send KYC' button.

Simply confirm the action, and an email will be generated for the Shareholder to complete.


6. If the Shareholder does not upload the required information, you can upload it by clicking on 'KYC Link' button.

This will redirect you to a new page to submit and update the details and IDs accordingly. You could also request the Shareholder to submit the information via the KYC link by sharing the website link.

7. From here you can view, edit, update for any changes that arise later on.