Timeline events and document management

Track, Manage and Store key curated documents. No one likes wasting time searching for key documents. With the 'Timeline' functionality, you and your Clients will have access to important business documents at your fingertips.

Timeline provides the ability to store, search and retrieve key curated business documents.


1. To add Client documents, simply head over to the 'Entity' panel and select 'Timeline'

2. Click on 'Create Event'

Entity - Timeline main


3. Select from the 'Event Type' from the drop-down selection

Note: These events are localised and specific to each jurisdiction, the example below is for Singapore.

Entity - Timeline - Create a new event



4. Go ahead and add relevant details to the free text fields, by doing this it will help the search results when you need to find the document.

Entity - Timeline - create new event



5. Voila! Document added to the "Timeline", available for users with appropriate access

Event - Timeline completed document


6. You can also update the timeline by clicking the 'Update' button shown below.

Timeline 1


7. Congratulations!

Your Client, your team, and compliance users (Auditors, Investors and VC partners) will have access to the documents they need - based on their user profiles.